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iGUID has superior years of experience in Oracle Application technologies and can help any Organization in delivering best industry solutions and better ROI. Financials Suite would allow you to:

  • Increase efficiency and reduce back-office costs with standardized processes for shared services, productivity tools, and integrated performance management.
  • Manage your global finance organization from a single, integrated system and comply with multiple legislations, accounting standards, and policies.
  • Facilitate financial control and corporate governance with a holistic approach to compliance and risk management.

Our teams of experts have experiences in Financial Management Solutions including:

  • Asset Lifecycle Management
  • Cash & Treasury Management
  • Credit-To-Cash
  • Financial Control & Reporting
  • Financial Analytics
  • Governance, Risk and Compliance
  • Lease and Finance Management
  • Procure-To-Pay
  • Travel and Expense Management
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Supply Chain Management

iGUID will allow you to build and operate a world-class value chain for profitable growth. The Oracle e-Business Suite Supply Chain Management (R12) family of applications integrates and automates all key supply chain processes, from design, planning and procurement to manufacturing and fulfillment , providing a complete solution set to enable companies to power information-driven value chains.

Our teams of experts have experiences in Supply Chain Management Solutions including:

  • Advanced Procurement
  • Asset Lifecycle Management
  • Manufacturing
  • Order Fulfillment
  • Value Chain Execution
  • Business Intelligence and Analytics
  • Value Chain Planning
  • Product Life Cycle Management
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Human Capital Management

Oracle's E-Business Suite Human Capital Management enables you to architect a global foundation for HR data and improved business processes. E-Business Suite Human HCM delivers a robust set of best-in-class human resources functionality that enables you to increase productivity, accelerate business performance, and lower your cost of ownership.

iGUID can help organizations benefit from Oracle HRMS suite with:

  • Manage HR globally on a single system of record while complying with local laws and regulations with our global core Human Capital Management system.
  • Forecast, deploy, track, and manage your labor with workforce management.
  • Cut costs and increase productivity with workforce service delivery.
  • Attract, retain, and motivate a superior workforce with integrated talent management.

Our teams of experts have experiences in Human Capital Management Solutions including:

  • Global Human Capital Management Processes
  • Workforce Management
  • HR Analytics
  • Workforce Service Delivery
  • Integrated Talent Management
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Value Chain Planning

Successful planning relies on the speed of decision making and continuous monitoring of the impact of those decisions at all levels in the organization. Oracle Value Chain Planning enables best in class processes such as demand sensing, shaping for profitability, fast event-driven scenario simulation, supply chain risk management, sales and operations and integrated business planning, comprehensive trade management, integrated order orchestration and promising, and multi-enterprise planning and collaboration.

iGUID can help your organization benefit from Oracle E-Business Suite Value Chain Planning solutions to enable you to achieve:

  • Real-time demand sensing and shaping for revenue growth
  • Profitable alignment of supply and demand to achieve corporate goals
  • Improved agility and responsiveness to supply chain events

iGUID’s experts have expertise in the Oracle ASCP Suite, including:

  • Advanced Planning Command Center
  • Advanced Supply Chain Planning
  • Collaborative Planning
  • Demand Management
  • Demand Signal Repository
  • Global Order Promising
  • Inventory Optimization
  • Predictive Trade Planning and Optimization
  • Production Scheduling
  • Rapid Planning
  • Real-Time Sales and Operations Planning
  • Service Parts Planning
  • Strategic Network Optimization
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With extensive experience in Oracle Manufacturing, iGUID can help companies improve their entire production cycle from R&D, design through work-in-process to cost and quality management. Flexible production can be achieved with mixed mode manufacturing traditional discrete, process, build-to-order (ETO/CTO) and project-based manufacturing modalities.

iGUID can help your organization benefit from Oracle E-Business Suite Manufacturing to enable you to achieve:

  • Demand Driven Lean Manufacturing with industry focused features to improve operational excellence and achieve end-to-end supply chain applications
  • Improve Collaboration with top to bottom supply chain and financial integration through a comprehensive application suite
  • Mitigate Risk and Assure Compliance across the extended supply chain to insure adherence to customer requirements and drive lean and continuous improvement

iGUID consultants have expertise in Oracle Manufacturing, including:

  • Discrete Manufacturing
  • Flow Manufacturing
  • Manufacturing Operations Center
  • Oracle Mobile Supply Chain
  • Process Manufacturing
  • Production Scheduling
  • Shop Floor Management
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Oracle CRM

Oracle's Complete CRM solutions offer the broadest and deepest capabilities that help organizations drive sales, marketing, loyalty, and service effectiveness. And in combination with Oracle's Commerce solutions, they deliver a unified cross-channel experience for consumers. Oracle CRM On Demand enables organizations of all types and sizes to:

Get smarter-with contextual intelligence, real-time and historic analytics, and adaptive business planning.

Get more productive-with integrated sales and marketing in the cloud, Outlook/mobile integration and industry specific solutions.

Get the best value, period-with a lower total cost of ownership, enterprise grade security and your choice of multi-tenancy or single-tenancy options.

We can help you with our services in Sales, Marketing , Call Center, Analytics focusing on high value resources in your business through web enabled services to Oracle and other business applications.

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Fusion Application

Fusion Application V1 referred as “next generation application” which is believed to be best of breed “blend of all the enterprise applications acquired & retained by Oracle till date”. We have been observing the view point of existing Oracle customers towards this next generation application “Fusion Application V1”.

Possible Actions towards path to Fusion:

There are different path a customer can take with respect to the fusion application. However, the customer MUST bring their existing Oracle application products to the latest release as indicated below. Multiple options are outlined here under which the customers can choose to best fit to their organization.

We noticed that there are multiple and mixed opinions about their decision to adoption of Fusion Application V1. Of course it is quite understood, reason being there is no straight forward answer to how they can adopt to Fusion.

iGUID would provide services in the Assessment Effort as required and we would understand the business and technological needs of an organization with Fusion Applications Solution as a footprint.

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Technology Solutions

iGUID’s data architects and engineers possess extensive experience in Oracle Technologies shaping up for today’s most demanding data environments, we can engage at strategic level and provide with Technological Services to companies which are in need of:

iGUID consultants have expertise in Oracle Manufacturing, including:

  • Oracle Exadata (Oracle Engineered Appliance)
  • Oracle RAC (High Availability)
  • Oracle Data Guard (Disaster Recovery)
  • Security
  • Oracle Advanced Security
  • Oracle Database Vault
  • Oracle Label Security
  • Oracle Data Masking
  • Oracle Database 11g
  • Oracle Web Logic Server
  • Oracle Application Server (OAS)
  • Fusion Middleware
  • Web Logic
  • Oracle Identity Management 11g
  • Oracle Access Manager
  • Oracle SSO
  • Oracle BPEL
  • Oracle SOA
  • Oracle ADF
  • Technology Upgrades
  • Platform Migration


We provide realistic solutions with our Technology Practice and provide with solid foundation which are essential for the implementation and optimization of reliable, cost-effective integrations.






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  • Assessment of the Oracle Application Objects and Database Objects
  • Filtering un-used/utilized Application and Database Objects
  • Estimating Project Plan and to mobilizing the correct resources in time
  • Accuracy in determining the application and database objects

Simplifying Your Upgrade

Change is the integral part of business and technology and Oracle applications is not exception on it. It started all the way from character based application to forms based GUI application and now moving towards totally HTML based applications. As part of its upgrade services, iGUID helps its customers by moving and aligning them quickly to the rapidly changing environments by upgrading them to the newer versions of Oracle E-Business Suite. In any, upgrade project, major challenge is to move the customer environment to new release swiftly so that customer’s day to day business activities are not affected. The timeline of such upgrade project is mainly affected by the number and complexity of customizations or personalization’s on the customer environment. To overcome the upgrade hurdles iGUID comes with Epress/Upgrader/Analyzer.


Database Objects

Identifying the custom database objects is the critical objective in the upgrade projects. eXpress Upgrade Analyzer provides the function to qualify and quantify the Custom Database objects in detailed manner.

  • Triggers
  • Functions
  • Views
  • Procedures
  • Packages
  • Material Views
  • Sequences
  • Work Flows
  • Synonyms

Application Objects

Upgrading an application without modifying the existing customized application objects in one of the prime concern to avoid duplication of work during the upgrade process.

  • Forms
  • Reports
  • Form Personalization
  • OAF Personalization
  • Alerts
  • Value Sets

Impact Analysis

To estimate the time frame of the upgrade,mobilization of the right resource in time and eliminating the risk of customization/extensions/New objects of Application and Database Objects. Identification of Complexity of Objects customization, extension and New Objects to estimate the overall time frame on Application and Database Objects.


Database Sizing

To estimate the time frame of the upgrade,mobilization of the right resource in time and eliminating the risk of customization/extensions/New objects of Application and Database Objects. Identification of Complexity of Objects customization, extension and New Objects to estimate the overall time frame on Application and Database Objects.