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Employment at iGUID

We at iGUID believe in a proper balance between professional and personal life. Our work code of conduct allows employees to enjoy both professional and personal life. In short, we believe in working smarter and celebrating harder.

Our Workforce

Workforce We have experienced that optimum productivity of the people can only be achieved when they enjoy their work, work atmosphere and working culture. To establish such environment, we encourage people taking little small breaks, organize social events and staff outing with families, Quarterly birthday parties, Celebration on Festival occasions. We strongly believe that people should enjoy their work and enjoy being in the organization.

We Build Careers

We ensure that our workforce gets all the required opportunities to grow and our management team always guides them in right career path to achieve success. We have established overall performance management system that ensures the performance of the organizational workforce is evaluated on a corporate level with feedback from all the related stakeholders. We believe in freedom of speech and encourage new ideas. Our decision making process is achieved through feedback from all the relevant stakeholders within the organization.

Recognition & Compensation

Our HR and compensation & benefit policy ensures that our staff efforts, hard work and achievements are recognized and compensated according to the performance. We always believed that recognition and rewards are one of the key factors towards motivating the workforce and achieving optimum productivity. We ensure that our compensation structure adhere to the market standards. We believe in long term commitment and to achieve that we have introduced an incentive under staff retention program to motivate our staff towards this.